ELEVATE WEEK - Sunday, May 26 - Saturday, June 1


Sunday, May 26th

  • 4:30 – 5:00pm 9th — 12th grades

If you have campers in more than one program, please come at the earlier time slot.


Saturday, June 1st

  • 9:30am – Parent Arrival
  • 10:00am – Closing Ceremony in the Worship Center
  • 10:25am – Camper Awards

We're So Excited!


  • CHECK-IN will take place in the Dining Hall (Creek Staff will help guide you!).
  • Please have MEDICATION ready in its original packaging in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name. Any medication not in its prescribed packages will NOT be accepted.
  • The Carolina Creek Store is a cashless system. If you would like to use cash for the store card, it will need to be added at check-in.
  • The Camp Store will be available to parents during arrival and campers will have access throughout the week.


  • 9:30am Families will arrive and be parked. Please head into the Worship Center with your ID ready to receive the ticket to pick up your child. This ticket MUST be given to the counselor before we can release a camper to their parent(s).
  • 10:00am Join us for the Closing Ceremony in the Worship Center.
  • 10:25am Please join your camper at their designated spot for camper awards!
  • Thing to Note: If you also have a camper at The W!LD, the closing ceremony at The W!LD will end by 9:45am to give you enough time to get over to Creekside. 


Let's Get You
Ready for Camp!

Preparing for camp can be confusing—but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve created this guide to make sure that your time leading up to camp is as easy as possible! 


Packing List? Check!

It’s never too early to start the packing process! Find out what to pack, our clothing guidelines, and (more importantly) what NOT to pack. Curious about what your camper can wear? The packing list will help!


Camp is More Fun
With Friends!

If your camper wants to be in the same cabin as a friend, you’ll need to complete a Roommate Request through your Parent Dashboard.

If you’re making a request for another camper and have not received an email with a code:

Fill out the top of the Roommate Request and click “Send Request”

If you have received an email with a code:

Copy the code from the email into the request code field and accept the request.

The deadline to accept or send a request is 2 weeks prior to camp arrival. Any requests after 2 weeks can not be guaranteed but will be accommodated if possible.


Camper Mail While at Camp

Stay in touch with your camper all week with premade notes and packages or BunkNotes sent through the Carolina Creek app!

Letters & Packages

Feel free to include letters or small packages in your camper’s trunk before arriving at camp (please refrain from packing food).

PLEASE KNOW A convenient mail drop-off station will be available as you make your way through Opening Day Check-In.

Please make sure to clearly mark all mail for your camper with their first and last name, as well as the desired delivery day.

(For example: Johnny Day / Monday)


You can send BunkNotes straight from our app to your camper. You can include fun frames, games and notes that will be delivered to your camper daily!

We’ve worked really hard to make camp a great experience not just for the camper, but for you as the parent as well!

To get started, just go to the App Store and download the Carolina Creek app and login with your existing account today!


Welcome to Allies!

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome to “Allies: A Pirate’s Parley“! With sails hoisted high and maps unfurled, know that we’ve eagerly awaited yer arrival; been hard at work, praying and planning for this very moment. As we set sail on this adventure, we set our sights on truth and treasure alike. This will be a place where we’ll uncover the rich and Godly treasures of teachability, authenticity, expression, and shared purpose. So prepare to weigh anchor, for in the company of kindred spirits, we may uncover the greatest treasure of all: our truest allies on this daring journey.

Event Night

  • Summer Banquet


The Camp Store Guide

Everyday your camper will have the opportunity to go to the snack shack and they will go to the camp store at least once while at camp.

Make sure to put $25-$50 on your camper’s account so they will have access to money to buy snacks and goodies!

If they run out of money during the week—no problem! You’ll get a message if their account drops below $5. 

Carolina Creek is cash-free for campers! You can bring cash to opening day and we’ll put it on their store account, but no cash will be accepted from campers throughout the week. 


Say Cheese!

We’re excited to continue using the Carolina Creek app for all of our parents this year!

The app is a great place for parents to stay connected to all that is happening at camp with videos, photos, updates and more right from your phone.

Parents will now be able to see the videos that our Creative team produces during the week the same day campers see them.

We are continuing our photo service this year with integrated facial recognition so that as soon as a photo of your camper is uploaded, you get real-time updates.

No more sifting through hundreds of photos! (We understand if you still want to—camp is pretty exciting!)


Health & Safety at Camp

State law requires that all medications (prescription and OTC) be stored in the health center. Please refrain from packing them in suitcases or trunks.

Please ensure that all prescription medications are in their original containers with up-to-date dosage instructions. Remember to only bring the necessary amount of pill bottles for the session and leave the excess at home. Additionally, creams, inhalers and other boxed items must have labels on them.

All medications must be specifically prescribed for the camper. Be sure to verify the expiration date—all medications must be up to date!

Maximize your packing space! We stock plenty of over-the-counter medications for when your camper needs them. If your camper requires a daily allergy medication, kindly drop it off at check-in.


Getting to Camp

Elevate at Carolina Creek’s address is:

174 Adventure Trail
Huntsville, TX 77320